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Safes don’t have to look like safes to ensure its highest security! People don’t have to know that you own a safe for your valuables, and our Masterpieces don’t look anything like safes. They are creatively designed security vaults that match your imagination and become like a precious addition to your home’s interior. It’s a safe that is designed and built to look like pieces of art. One of our Masterpieces has been designed by the famous fashion designer Miklós Schiffer, incorporating luxury and elegance into safes. You can have your Masterpiece safe created just the way you want!

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    Get ready to witness the epitome of luxury and security. Introducing the highly anticipated Millionaire Safe, a true masterpiece designed to elevate any space it is present in. With its sleek and captivating design, this safe embodies elegance and exclusivity, transforming your surroundings into a realm of sophistication.

  • Dimension: H1500 x W700 x D610 mm
  • Weight: 400 kgs
  • Exterior in High Gloss Jet Black
  • 8 Drawers, Drawer Handle, Watch Winder Board and Door Back Plate in Gold Stainless Steel Mirror Finish
  • 16 Watch Winders Technology App Control (iOS & Android) with Power Supply
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic lock with mechanical emergency key

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German Safety Standards Compliant

3 Years Product Warranty*

160 Years Of Craftsmanship

Customized Design To Match Your Requirements

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