HARTMANN TRESORE blast proof doors are engineered to provide maximum security in case of attack through explosive materials.

The mounting of the blast proof doors combines surface mounting and in wall mounting.It is side hinged swinging type door ( left hinged or right hinged). The door can be manually operated from inside and outside for opening and closing;

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Wall Pipes


  • Wall Pipes are custom passages in walls created for water pipes that transport both clean water and wastewater
  • It is commonly used in shelter construction characterized by blast resistance and gastight solution
  • The modularity is the most important advantage of wall pipes
  • The wall pipe is tested with multiple nominal peak reflected overpressure of 41 bar at Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
  • It is used for tunnelling protect, petrochemical industry, powerplants, VIP shelters, civilian shelters, military shelters and industrial shelters
  • The wall pipes are available in various sizes, including diameters ranging from 25 NB to 100 NB, and lengths of 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm, and 2000 mm. These valves are designed to fit in a wall with a thickness range of 200 mm to 3000 mm

Accreditation & Certifications

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German Safety Standards Compliant

3 Years Product Warranty*

160 Years Of Craftsmanship

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