HARTMANN TRESORE blast proof doors are engineered to provide maximum security in case of attack through explosive materials.

The mounting of the blast proof doors combines surface mounting and in wall mounting.It is side hinged swinging type door ( left hinged or right hinged). The door can be manually operated from inside and outside for opening and closing;

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Hangar Doors


  • Hangar doors are an integral part of a hardened aircraft shelters (HAS) or protective aircraft shelters (PAS) to house and protect military aircrafts from enemy attack. Hangar doors helps in conducting aircraft maintenance in safe conditions
  • Hangar doors also prevent satellite/aerial reconnaissance
  • The door conforms to blast load: 4,11 MPa reflected peak of min 5 ms
  • Tested and certified in the laboratories of the German Army
  • The door is designed for maximum deformation in flexural yield strength or yield point greater than 448 MPa (65 ksi)
  • Made of high-quality steel and armoured concrete
  • Clear opening dimensions: Height = 7450 mm and Width = 18000 mm
  • Outer Dimensions: Height = 8350 mm and Width = 19730 mm
  • Thickness of the door: 750 mm + 250 mm, L-shape, installed at an angle 7° from the side walls
  • Left & right leaf equipped with: strong gear bolt work and very strong hinges
  • Painting: primer resisting corrosion
  • Total weight: 165 000 kg
  • Opening time: 60 secs
  • Motorized opening process controlled from a panel and supervised by the airport management system (optional)
  • One leaf of main door is provided with hatch door BT2 (escape door):
  • clear opening : H=900 mm x W=700 mm, thickness of the hatch door : 400 mm
  • concrete filling: 200 mm, leaf with strong gear bolt work, locking: 2 cylinder key locks operating from inside and outside, supervised by the airport management system (optional)
  • Doors can also be constructed according to customer’s specifications

Accreditation & Certifications

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